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Peking University Launches Journal in Health Data Science

  A new open-access English-language journal, Health Data Science, hosted by Peking University and undertaken by National Institute of Health Data Science (NIHDS) published in June 16 its first article – an editorial from its Editor-in-Chief, President Zhan Qimin of the NIHDS.


  In the editorial titled “Health Data Science – A New Science Partner Journal Dedicated to Promoting Data for Better Health”, the Editor-in-Chief observed, “Given the health data science sphere’s interdisciplinary nature, communication and collaboration between healthcare professionals, policymakers, data scientists, ethicists, and engineers determine the success of data and innovation-driven transformative healthcare changes.” He committed the journal to “improving data and evidence-based decision-making, promoting the ethical application of cutting-edge technologies and analytic approaches, advancing the horizon of health data science, and creating value in real-world health practice.”

  As part of the Science Partner Journal program, the newly launched journal is, according to the editorial, “aimed at closely working with the international academic community to maintain high-quality and ethical standards for research, translate the value of health data to benefit patients’ health and populations’ wellbeing, and achieve the journal’s mission – data for better health.”




  Written by: Fan Xiaofei

  Edited by: Liu Xin

  Source: National Institute of Health Data Science at Peking University