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Academician Han Qide’s New Book “The Temperature of Medicine” Launched


  On November 19, Liu Yucun, Executive Deputy Secretary of Communist Party of China Peking University Committee and Secretary of CPC PKUHSC Committee, hosted a book launch and reading sharing meeting at the Sunshine Hall of PKU Overseas Exchange Center. Launched was the book “The Temperature of Medicine” by Han Qide, Vice Chairman of the 10th and 11th National People’s Congress Standing Committees, Vice Chairman of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Honorary President of China Association for Science and Technology, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the first Dean of Department of History of Science and Technology and Medicine.


  The launch ceremony venue

  PKU President Hao Ping spoke highly of the significance of the book in his speech. He stated that the book was brimming with a healer’s humanistic spirit and a scientist’s scientific spirit, which demonstrated PKU people’s sense of social responsibility. He also expressed the hope that both PKU faculty and students could read the book to feel the “temperature” of medicine together and to learn the “generosity” of medicine.


  Hao Ping addresses the audience

  In his keynote speech, Han Qide said that science and technology is the essential force to push medicine forward and to guarantee the whole population’s health. Placing emphasis on humanities does not mean denying science. Meanwhile we should notice that there are limits to medicine. The essence of humanity is the recognition of and attitude towards the value of life. The health care professionals we foster should firstly possess good moral quality and personality, and then have compassion, be sympathetic and sensible, understand the weight of being entrusted with others’ life, and be a person with temperature.


  Han Qide delivers the keynote speech

  The video with the same title “The Temperature of Medicine” was played at the meeting, and struck a responsive cord with the audience. Wang Jun, Qiao Jie, Gu Jin, Ling Feng and other famous medical scientists and medical educators shared their stories of Academician Han Qide and their understanding and reflection of medicine in terms of what medicine is, what medicine focuses on, how medicine regards life, and how medicine has temperature.


  Guests present at the meeting made exchanges and held dialogues about topics of medicine and humanities, development of medical technology and whole population’s health, development of medical technology and society, medicine and education, and the medical humanity value of the book. They all agreed that the book touches upon many issues of public concerns and has a great realistic relevance. The book provides a refreshing perspective for medical issues, breaks through the old mindset, livens up academic atmospheres, leads the peers to more in-depth thinking in fields of specialties, and is greatly beneficial to a correct direction for medical development.




  Written by: Lang Lang

  Edited by: Liu Xin

  Source: PKU News