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The 17th Chinese International Congress of Vascular Medicine Held in Beijing


  On September 4 2020, the 17th Chinese International Congress of Vascular Medicine (CCVM) and 15th Asia-Pacific Congress of International Society of Vascular Health (ISVH) was held in Beijing. The congress was cosponsored by multi-institutions: the organizing committee of CCVM, the Chinese Society of ISVH, Research Center for Vascular Health of Peking University Health Science Center, and PKU Shougang Hospital. The theme of the congress was “pushing forward the combination of sports and medicine, maintaining vascular health, and facilitating Healthy China Initiative”. The congress invited from home and abroad clinical experts in vascular medicine and experts in clinical ethics to give both online and on-the-spot lectures. Nearly eighty thousand people attended the online lectures. Thus an internationalized brand new comprehensive platform for communication in vascular medicine and vascular health was achieved in the normalized pandemic of COVID-2019.



  As the earliest professional congress across the world, the CCVM has been organized for seventeen times since 2004, which has covered multi-disciplines such as cardiology, cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, rehabilitation medicine, endocrinology, dietetics, psychology, cardiovascular clinical research, and clinical ethics, and interdisciplinary exchanges. The CCVM is a national project of continuing education and a comprehensive academic congress, which is very influential in the international field of vascular medicine. The CCVM has opened up a brand new subject area in vascular medicine, featuring translational medicine, general practice medicine, and precision medicine, and aims to realize the dream of ideal health and longevity for human beings.





  Written by: Lang Lang

  Edited by: Liu Xin

  Source: Center for Vascular Medicine, PKU Shougang Hospital