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PUTH Contributes to International Effort in Developing COVID-19 Guideline

  An international guideline for the treatment of COVID-19 was published April 29 on Canadian Medical Association Journal. As co-initiators of this program, Prof. Zhai Suodi of Peking University Third Hospital (PUTH) and his team at the PUTH pharmacy worked with 24 researchers and 2 patient representatives from 6 countries, and compiled the guideline (see full text at https://www.cmaj.ca/content/cmaj/early/2020/04/29/cmaj.200648.full.pdf). The PUTH team was commissioned by the Hospital Pharmacy Professional Committee of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association. International teams involved in the development of the guideline included Dr. Gordon Guyatt’s group at McMaster University, who coined the term “evidence-based medicine” in 1990.


  The guideline reviewed the latest evidence around the world in pharmaceutical treatment of non-severe and severe COVID-19, and made several recommendations in using antiviral drugs, corticosteroids, and convalescent plasma.


  To inform the development of the guideline, Prof. Zhai’s group conducted a systematic review that addressed the benefits and harms of 7 antiviral treatments for COVID-19 (see full text at https://www.cmaj.ca/content/early/2020/06/03/cmaj.200647.1.long).





  Written by: Fan Xiaofei

  Edited by: Liu Xin

  Source: Peking University Third Hospital