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Three Presidents of PKU affiliated hospitals spearheads battle against COVID-19 in Wuhan

Peking University, April 16, 2020: During the trying times of the COVID-19 outbreak in China, many people have offered their helping hand. In February, due to the rising number of critically ill patients infected with COVID-19, more doctors and nurses were needed in hospitals. Liu Xinmin, Jiang Baoguo, and Qiao Jie, presidents of the Peking University First Hospital, Peking University People’s Hospital and Peking University Third Hospital respectively, led medical teams to aid Wuhan and raced against time to combat the pandemic.

Liu Xinmin


Liu Xinmin, president of the Peking University First Hospital and a respiratory specialist, headed to Wuhan to work on the front line against COVID-19 with a team of medical personnel. Liu was responsible for overseeing an area in the hospital designated for critically ill patients. He spared no efforts throughout his work, from the design of medical wards to the placement of medical devices.

Liu was not only a team leader but also acted as a parent. He never forgot to constantly offer words of encouragement towards his team in times of crisis. Meanwhile, he even inspected how his team members put on and take off protective gear, for the sake of ensuring their safety to the fullest extent. “As long as our country needs our help, it is incumbent on us to act,” Liu said.

Jiang Baoguo


Jiang Baoguo, president of the Peking University People’s Hospital, was at the forefront in the fight against the SARS epidemic in China back to 2003. 17 years later, he responded to the call for help due to the outbreak of another epidemic. 

It has been a tireless journey for Jiang ever since he set foot on Wuhan. Countless hours have been spent on discussions and preparations on how to effectively treat the critically ill patients in the new medical wards as well as ensuring the availability of medical supplies for patients and medical staff. Jiang made use of his expertise to finalize methods of treating patients going through different stages of infection. “Our mission is making every effort to save more lives,” Jiang said. 

Qiao Jie


Qiao Jie, president of the Peking University Third Hospital and a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, left for Wuhan with her team to take charge of new medical wards housing critically ill patients.

As a medical expert in gynecology and obstetrics, Qiao’s another key mission was to focus on the safety of infected pregnant women and investigate whether the novel coronavirus has a vertical transmission route to babies. She spent days and nights making contact with pregnant women infected with COVID-19 to carry out laboratory tests and conduct in-depth analysis. “Our responsibility is to concentrate on the medical treatment of critically ill patients,” Qiao said.

The COVID-19 pandemic is gradually brought under control in China, owing to the courage, commitment and care of all the people working on the front line. They have stood strong at the forefront of the coronavirus outbreak despite being separated from their loved ones and having to endure long, arduous and busy shifts. On April 6, Liu Xinmin, Jiang Baoguo, Qiao Jie, together with their teams, returned to Beijing safe and sound after fulfilling their medical tasks in Wuhan. Kudos to all of them!


Written by: June Tan Rui Min
Edited by: Liu Xin
Photo credit to: Peking University Health Science Center, China Daily
Source: Peking University Health Science Center