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Peking University medical teams return to Beijing

Peking University, April 6, 2020: A total of 405 members of medical teams from Peking University-affiliated hospitals came back to Beijing on April 6.

The plane, which carried 557 members of the Chinese national medical teams (including 405 from PKU-affiliated hospitals), arrived in Beijing this afternoon. They were greeted by a three-fold “water arch” in the airport, for their heroic efforts to the fight against the pandemic and their contributions to saving lives over the past 72 days in Wuhan. Prior to this, a team of 20 medical workers from Peking University International Hospital aiding Ezhou, Hubei Province returned to Beijing on March 31.

Since the novel coronavirus outbreak, 454 medical workers from Peking University First Hospital, Peking University Third Hospital, Peking University People’s Hospital, Peking University International Hospital, Peking University Sixth Hospital and PKU Healthcare Group have rushed to Wuhan to join the battle against COVID-19.

These frontline medics worked tirelessly despite difficulties and threats to their lives. Chinese President Xi Jinping highly appraised the selfless devotion and effort of young medics of PKU’s medical teams in particular, as he wrote in a reply to a letter from 34 Party members of the post-90 generations. 


Written by: Bai Qingwen
Edited by: Liu Xin
Photo: Peking University Health Science Center
Source: Peking University Public WeChat Account (