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President Xi replies to letter from Peking University young medics fighting COVID-19 in Hubei

Editor's note: Medical teams from PKU-affiliated hospitals have been dispatched to Wuhan soon after the outbreak of COVID-19, among which 34 out of 453 medical workers are post-90s Party members. Their letter to Chinese President Xi Jinping was replied on March 15. The following is a piece of news from Xinhua Net, providing a glimpse of what President Xi said in his reply.

Peking University, March 17, 2020: President Xi Jinping has encouraged young medics who are fighting the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on the front line to make their contributions in places where the Party and the people need them most.

Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the remarks Sunday when answering a letter from 34 young Party members of the medical team sent by Peking University to assist the anti-epidemic battle in the outbreak epicenter Hubei Province.

In the letter, Xi extended his regards to the young medics and all youth fighting the epidemic in various fields.

Commending their fearless contribution to the containment of the virus, Xi said they had demonstrated with their deeds that the Chinese youth of the new era could be entrusted with great missions.

Members of a medical team from Peking University First Hospital pose for group photos before setting out to Hubei Province in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 7, 2020. (Photo by Fu Jingbo/Xinhua)

A nation will be full of hope and a country will have a brilliant future when its younger generations have ideals, ability, and a strong sense of responsibility, said Xi.

He called on the young medics to continue their work in saving more patients and motivate their fellow youth to shoulder greater responsibilities.

More than 12,000 of the over 42,000 medical workers sent to aid Hubei in fighting the epidemic were born in the 1990s, so were the 34 medics who wrote the letter to Xi.

In their letter, the medics reported their work on the front line, and expressed determination to continue to fully play their roles as Party members in winning the battle.



Source: Xinhua Net