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[Diaries from PKU medical teams in Hubei] All of us must return home safe and sound

Peking University, March 18, 2020: On February 8, 2020, China’s Lantern Festival, members of Peking University Third Hospital medical team sent their diaries from Wuhan. Here are excerpts. 

Wang Junhong (Attending physician of the Emergency Department)

February 8, 2020 Saturday

It has been the 14th day since we came to Wuhan. Yesterday, medics from the third batch joined us. After a night shift, we moved to a hotel 24 kilometers away from the hospital, but I was filled with joy because of being together with my colleagues.

In the third batch of medical teams, some members carried backpacks, pulled suitcases, and rushed to Wuhan before they could even say goodbye to their families.

Tian Ci, a medic from the Emergency Department, was once very sad as she could not join the second batch. Yesterday afternoon, Tian jumped with joy as soon as she got the chance to go to Wuhan. “When my daughter grows up, she will be proud of her brave mother,” Tian said.

Fu Yuanwei and his wife are both doctors from the Emergency Department. Both of them have applied to join the medical team, although their daughter is just seven months old. Fu said, “I am a Hubei citizen. I have so many good memories there since this is the place where I once studied and lived. After 11 years, I came back. We are a family and I should do something for Wuhan.”

Lu Haoping, a doctor from the Digestive Department, said, “Early this morning, I, as a member of the third batch of the medical team, left the heavily snowy Beijing and went to the front line in Wuhan.” 

People appreciate the same full moon tonight. Small dumpling balls made of glutinous rice flour  were ready to eat. Lantern Festival this year was special. I hope the pandemic will be over quickly as spring is coming. 

Some new medical wards would be open for patients tonight. Li Chao, from Intensive Care Unit, is the member of the first batch of medical teams and she would also work in these new wards at night. She has been busy all day helping new colleagues to be familiar with the work. We call her “Xiao chao ren” (little superwoman). Nonetheless, I was really worried about her health. Both of her and myself have been here for two weeks and have become “friends that can live and die together”. Before I met her, I had no idea how a person could work so hard that she even forgot to eat and sleep. 

Tears welled up in my eyes as I watched them head to the hospital. I returned to my room and browsed Moments on WeChat. Dr. Zhang Liping posted that, “Yesterday, my child asked me before going to bed, ‘Is your work to kill virus? I can help you!’ The little kid asked if I could take a day off tomorrow and play together.” Her post reminded me of my daughter...


Wang Junhong

Li Rui (Nurse of the Sport Medicine Department)

February 8, 2020 Saturday

We have been extremely busy since we arrived in Wuhan. News overwhelmed from countless work groups on WeChat and the phone has never stopped ringing. 

As the supplies were delivered to us, we started to move them to designated places accordingly. Everyone was equipped with a protective gown and other work and living supplies. We had to bring our own protective gear to work every day. It seemed that we had a lot of protective equipment, but the fact was that they were consumables that could be easily used up. Therefore, we must avoid excessive use.

The training session began before I had time to tidy things up. Many of us are not from the Infectious Diseases Department, so we were really worried if we would fall behind. My team is comprised of 113 people and we made a deal that all of us must return home safe and sound!





Written by: Zhai Xinjia 
Edited by: Liu Xin
Source: Peking University Third Hospital