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[Diaries from PKU medical teams in Hubei] Peking University First Hospital fights against COVID-19

Peking University, Feb. 19, 2020: On the morning of January 29, medical workers from Peking University First Hospital entered designated wards to fight against COVID-19. Here are voices from members of the medical team.

Medical team from Peking University First Hospital

Guo Mengran (Infectious Diseases Department)  January 29, 2020

I felt both nervous and excited the moment when I first stepped into the medical ward today. I felt nervous because we were not accustomed to the newly-formed wards and had to collaborate with other medical workers from Tongji Hospital. Meanwhile I was so excited because we could finally do something for Wuhan citizens, which was our purpose and original aspiration. Everything went on well. Many patients felt reassured when their urgent demands of hospitalization were finally met. Patients in the wards were fully isolated from the outside world, so we needed to take good care of them while offering medical treatment. The first day slipped away without a break and we did not have time to eat or drink. After wearing a waterproof protective suit and an N95 mask for the whole day, I felt stifled and my face itched because of the tight mask. In order to avoid cross-infection, every member of the medical team has lived in a single room since yesterday. As a result, while we were having dinner today, four of us shouted in the air and made eye contacts with each other at long distance. What a scene of bittersweetness!

To be honest, the most challenging part was not the medical work itself, but to work when I wore a protective suit and five layers of gloves. The most difficult thing was not breathing but to breathe when an N95 mask was put on my face. However, when we saw the anxious looks of the patients, their helpless gazes and the unknown destiny , we knew that the patients were the ones who suffered the most. Hence, we are confident that we can conquer the coronavirus, and these patients can be discharged from the hospital eventually.


Guo Mengran

Cui Xiaobo (Infectious Diseases Department)  January 30, 2020  

The Lunar New Year in 2020 was bound to be special and extraordinary!

I thought I could have been with my parents right now celebrating the Lunar New Year at home, yet I came to Wuhan, the epicenter of COVID-19. In retrospect, I remembered I had arrived at the train station with my suitcase by the time I received a message from the head nurse asking everybody to return to the hospital. This happened on January 23. Without hesitation, I went back to the hospital with my suitcase.

I was afraid that my family members would be worried about me, so I sent them a message the morning when I set off to Wuhan. I reassured them that I would take care of myself. “I believe you will take good care of yourself. Please adjust your mental state and face the challenge. I hope you can work with your fellow medical workers in the fight against COVID-19. I hope you can return home safe and sound. I trust you and your team. Keep up the good work,” my mom replied. 

After reading my mom’s message, my eyes were full of tears. Her words also boosted my morale. I believe my teammates and I will carry on the spirit of medical workers from Peking University First Hospital and return home soon after the battle against the coronavirus is over.


Cui Xiaobo

Zhang Hui (Infectious Disease Department)  January 30, 2020

I was very proud to join the medical team and contribute myself on the front line. As the situation became more severe, we were busier as well. Led by my team leader Ma Jing, vice team leader Zhao Xiuli, and head nurse Jia Na, we kept learning infectious disease control, practicing how to wear and take off protective clothing. My face was left with red string marks of an N95 mask and my hands gave off pungent odor of alcohol. Though exhausted, every member of the medical team  remained energetic and passionate. “I must bring you home safe and sound,” the veteran medical workers of my team said. Their words were plain but touching. They acted like parents in our team. We were all confident and full of morale under their protection. We will bound to spare no effort to fight against COVID-19. Wuhan, stay strong! China, stay strong!


Medical workers from Peking University First Hospital

Translated by: Liu Zhenwei
Edited by: Wang Qian
Peking University First Hospital