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The New Gymnasium Inaugurated at PKUHSC

  On the morning of December 24, the inauguration ceremony was held for the new gymnasium at Peking University Health Science Center. It took two years and nine months to complete the building of the gym.


  The first-class university cannot do without a first-class gymnasium. Training first-class medical talents needs advanced sports facilities. As a project for the livelihood and feelings of PKUHSC faculty and students, the gym adds a significant stroke to PKU Medicine’s development of education and teaching and the health cause of the faculty and students, meets the faculty and students’ wish for a good life, and boosts the sense of gain and happiness of the faculty and students.


  Zhan Qimin, Executive Vice President of PKU and President of PKUHSC, expressed heartfelt gratitude towards all the leaders, teachers, and friends who have been caring for and supporting the building of the gym and the development of PKUHSC. He said “Thank you!” to all the teachers and construction workers who have participated in the building of the gym. The gym is a new landmark architecture for PKUHSC, being not just a unique scene on the campus, but also the space and platform for uniting forces, demonstrating humanity, serving the faculty and students, and striving positively.

  Zhan Qimin commented, “PKU Medicine pays attention not only to the fostering of professional qualities of medicine, but also to the communication and integration of medicine and humanities. We hope to produce elite talents in medicine who are physically and mentally healthy and possess humanistic compassions. The inauguration of the gym shows PKUHSC’s confidence and determination to develop campus sports culture.”


  Afterwards, the gym was officially inaugurated when leaders and guests pushed the activation button together.


  After the ceremony, leaders and guests toured around the gym and were inspired by the tidy and clean environment, spacious and well-lit sites, first-class facilities, reasonable functional divisions, and green and safe construction. Everyone was in high spirits to show their skills.


  The golden time of outdoor swimming pools


  Vitality hidden in the shades

  It’s part of our duty of building a first-class university to promote the physical education of PKU Medicine and improve the physical and mental health of the faculty and students. In 1950s among the eight universities and colleges along the Xueyuan Road, the Beijing Medical University had admirable outdoor swimming pools. Today in the spacious, well-lit, and fully functional gymnasium, people of PKU Medicine can proudly strengthen their bodies, train their wills, and strive to become health talents, so as to make greater contribution to the building and development of PKU Medicine.


  Extended reading:

  The total area of PKUHSC Gymnasium is 22000 square meters. The new section has been built while the old has been remodeled and innovated to form an integrated comprehensive gymnasium. There are facilities and fitness rooms on the first floor, badminton courts and tennis courts on the second, the swimming pool, the table-tennis room, and the multi-functional room in the basement, and underground parking lots. It is a comprehensive gym with integrated functions such as swimming, ball games, bodybuilding, and gathering. Four standard basketball courts and two standard tennis courts will be built on the west side of the gym, thus meeting the need of PKUHSC’s physical education, sports activities, and organizing sports games and large-scale activities.



  Written by: Lang Lang

  Edited by: Liu Xin

  Source: Office of Publicity