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Qiao Jie Invited to Write an Article for the 25th Anniversary of Nature Medicine


  Recently, Nature Medicine invited 25 scientists in the field of natural sciences from all over the world to write articles for the celebration of its 25th anniversary. Professor Qiao Jie, President of Peking University Third Hospital (PKUTH), academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and renowned expert in reproductive medicine, was the only Chinese scientist invited. The article was published online in Nature Medicine on September 9, 2019.


  The Research Result made by Qiao Jie Research Team ---"Gut microbiota-bile acid-interleukin 22 axis orchestrates polycystic ovary syndrome" was highly appraised and recognized by domestic and foreign peer experts in reproductive and metabolic fields after its publication in the Journal Nature Medicine in August 2019. Due to a series of outstanding research results in the field of reproduction, Professor Qiao Jie was invited to attend an interview in Nature Medicine to introduce her achievements in this field and her medical career. From a medical student to a tube-bed doctor of the first test-tube baby mother in mainland China, to now a leader in reproductive medicine, Qiao Jie led her team to innovate and break through constantly, bringing hope to more infertile patients and families with birth defects.

  On the 25th anniversary of Nature Medicine, Academician Qiao Jie was invited to write an article, which marks that reproductive medicine in China has been highly concerned and recognized by the world natural sciences.

  The source of Qiao’s article:https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-019-0558-4




  Written by: Wu Zhaoxia

  Edited by:Liu Xin

  Source: Peking University Third Hospital