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Delegation from Thailand Siriraj Hospital Visits PKU Third Hospital

  On March 26, the delegation of 38 from Thailand Mahidol University Siriraj Hospital, headed by Vice President Suroj Spavekin, came to visit Peking University Third Hospital. Founded in 1888, Siriraj Hospital is the oldest and most famous public hospital in Thailand, which also serves the royal family. The delegation included many leaders of the hospital and experts in administration, medical care, and nursing. From PKUTH, Party Secretary Jin Changxiao, Vice Presidents Wang Jianquan and Shen Ning, and leaders from related departments warmly received the delegation.


  The delegation showed a keen interest in PKUTH’s development in informatization and the combination of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and western medicine. The two parties held further exchanges in related fields. The delegation went afterwards to tour the departments of TCM and Ophthalmology, wards of Sports Medicine and Cardiology, Center for Clinical Skills and Stem Cell Center, and the Pharmacy.


  In the TCM Department and the Acupuncture Room, the delegation learned about the idea of TCM treatment, the tools usually used in treatment, student cultivation, and treatments of certain diseases. They also experienced acupuncture on the spot.


  Then the delegation went to the ophthalmology ward, the ophthalmic pathology room, key laboratories, and the Staff Home, where they were introduced to the disciplinary development of ophthalmology and the cultivation of students.


  At the ward of Sports Medicine, the delegation learned about the development of Sports Medicine and relevant achievements by PKUTH. They were also shown the rehabilitation training room, PKUTH’s Electronic Patient Record System, and the demonstration of the use of PDA.


  At the ward of Internal Cardiology, the delegation was introduced to the patient security management, detailed ward regulations, model of nurse training and the information building of wards.


  At the Center for Clinical Skills, the delegation learned about the operation of medical simulation center and its application in clinical teaching. They were also shown midwife simulation training.


  The delegation was introduced to the development of the Center for Clinical Stem Cell.


  At the outpatient pharmacy, the delegation learned about the work of clinical pharmacists and the application of Chinese patent medicine and herbal medicine. They also observed the automatic medicine distribution procedure.

  The visit facilitated exchanges in hospital management between the two hospitals and paved way for further cooperation.





  Written by: Lang Lang

  Edited by: Liu Xin

  Source: PKUTH