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Lancet Psychiatry Online Publishes PKU Sixth Hospital Huang Yueqin Team’s Research Results

  On February 18, Lancet Psychiatry published online the first major results of the "China Mental Health Survey"(CMHS) by the research team of Professor Huang Yueqin, Director of the Department of Social Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine, Peking University Sixth Hospital. The study was the first national epidemiological survey of mental disorders in China. The study covered 7 types of mental disorders including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, alcohol and drug use disorders, intermittent explosive disorders, eating disorders, schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders, and senile dementia, involving 32,552 people in 157 counties/districts of 31 provinces, and the response rate was 84.3%. The survey showed that the prevalence of anxiety disorder was the highest (4.98%).

  According to reports, the research is a project jointly funded by Chinese National Health Commission and Ministry of Science and Technology. Peking University Sixth Hospital undertook the project and jointly completed it with 43 psychiatric hospitals and colleges in China.

  Experts believe that the high-quality national basic data on the burden of mental disorders and the utilization of health services obtained by the study will facilitate the effective and equitable use of national health resources and provide a scientific basis for the formulation of macro-health policies. At the same time, the survey tools used by CMHS are in line with international standards, and the results are helpful for conducting comparisons in cross-national, cross-regional and cross-cultural scopes. The study has made important contributions to the global research on disease burden of mental disorders.



  Written by: WU Zhaoxia

  Edited by:Liu Xin

  Source: Fu Donghong, PKUHSC