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Nature Master Classes Training Successfully Completed


  On the occasion of Peking University’s Disciplinary Quality Year, in order to promote the comprehensive ability training of Health Science Center teachers and students, enhance the international influence of scholars and disciplines, and help the high-quality development of PKU medical disciplines, the Office of International Cooperation invited Dr. Jeffery Robens, Chief Lecturer of Nature Master Classes-Expert Classes and Director of Nature Portfolio Community Interaction, to conduct the academic speech and thesis writing training in Room 209 of PKUHSC Yifu Building from May 21 to 22. More than 250 teachers and students from HSC schools, hospitals and affiliated units participated in the training.


  The training content was designed according to the actual needs of HSC teachers and students. Jeffery Robens provided comprehensive, practical, and effective suggestions for teachers and students with humorous and witty language, combined with common problems and examples in academic speeches and thesis writing. The interaction on the training site was active and the atmosphere was warm.

  The feedback survey after class showed that teachers and students participating in the training gave high evaluation to the course content, quality, and form.


  Jeffrey Robens interacts with teachers and students



Extended reading

  In order to promote the ability building of HSC scientific research personnel, the Office of International Cooperation opened the access to the NatureMasterclassesOnline on the Nature Master Classes platform. HSC teachers and students can register, log in, and study the courses at https://www.naturemasterclassesonline.cn/bjmu for free with an Email address with the domain name “@bjmu.edu.cn”.





  Written by: Lang Lang

  Edited by: Liu Xin

  Source: Office of International Cooperation, PKUHSC