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A Delegation of PKU Hospital and School of Stomatology Led by Deng Xuliang Visits Japan

  From November 20th to 23rd, 2023, President of Peking University Hospital and School of Stomatology (PKUHSS), Deng Xuliang, Vice President Cai Zhigang, and Vice President Hu Wenjie, visited Asahi University and  Meikai University in Japan. During the trip, President Deng Xuliang and his delegation, with Japanese friends, also visited the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Japan.


  On November 20th, President Deng Xuliang and his delegation had a cooperation and exchange meeting with Chancellor of Asahi University, Jun Miyata, President Katsuyuki Otomo, Director of Dentistry, Yukimichi Tamaki, Director of International Exchange, Satoshi Kawano, and Dean of the School of Oral Hygiene, Atsunori Isozaki. Both sides had detailed and in-depth discussions on topics such as talent cultivation and scientific research cooperation.

  After the meeting, Deng Xuliang attended the guest professor appointment ceremony at Asahi University and delivered an academic report to nearly 100 teachers and students, followed by an exciting Q&A interaction with the audience.


  On November 21st, the PKUHSS delegation went to Tokyo for a seminar with Meikai University. The meeting involved future cooperation and exchange, talent cultivation, scientific research cooperation, and other aspects between the two schools, and a clear plan was formulated. After the meeting, Meikai University held a guest professor appointment ceremony for President Deng Xuliang.


  Afterwards, the delegation visited the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Japan to discuss further strengthening education and scientific research cooperation between China and Japan. Minister-Counselor Zhu Xuehua and Counselor Qin Weidong attended the meeting. Zhu Xuehua pointed out that PKUHS is the banner of Chinese stomatology education and hoped that Chinese universities represented by PKUHSS will continue to deepen cooperation with overseas universities and institutions in the field of science and education, and further promote high-level opening up of higher education to the outside world.

  On November 22nd, the delegation conducted an in-depth study tour of the talent cultivation plan, teaching equipment, and internship of Asahi University School of Stomatology, and observed the teaching process on site.

  The delegation’s itinerary was compact but the visit was very fruitful. It comprehensively deepened the friendship between PKUHSS and Asahi University and Meikai University, and further expanded the scope of cooperation, promoting both sides to make full use of their respective strengths and cultivate more specialized and professional oral healthcare personnel for China and Japan, so as to work together to address the challenges of global aging.






  Written by: Wu Zhaoxia

  Edited by: LiuXin

  Source: Peking University Hospital and School of Stomatology