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PKU Third Hospital Makes New Breakthroughs in Orthopedic 3D Printing

  On March 24, 2023, the Chinese Medical Association issued the decision on granting the 2022 Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award. Research teams from PKU Medicine led the winning of four prizes, including one first prize, two second prizes, and one third prize, which marked another harvest in this important science and technology award of the national medical and health industry.

  Recently, Peking University Third Hospital’s Orthopedic Department Director Professor Li Weishi’s team has successfully completed the first implantation of a biomechanically adapted prosthesis. Compared with other porous structure cages, this prosthesis matched the bone strength of the patient with bone loss, reducing the risk of complications in the early postoperative period such as cage subsidence, intervertebral height loss, the once-again nerve compression, low back pain recurrence, and even secondary surgery.

  As the director of Peking University “Bone and Joint Precision Medicine” Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education, Li Weishi, relying on the Center’s cross-platform of medical and engineering, has been cooperating with Beijing Aikang Yicheng Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. and PKU Professor Zheng Yufeng’s team to carry out the research and development of the production of Osteo Match series. In 2020 and 2022, the work was granted with fundings by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the National Natural Science Foundation of China respectively. The project combined digital bone mineral density measurement technology, 3D printing, and AI-assisted prosthesis structure design technology to realize the development and implantation of the first biomechanically adapted prosthesis.


  This prosthesis is the first clinical application of “Osteo Match” series after 5 years of research and development. The related products have been registered and approved by the State Drug Administration. In the future, Osteo Match products will be built into a system with three functions: “biomechanical adaptation”, “biological activity loading” and “AI algorithm assistance”. The products will be laid out in the whole field of spinal surgery, providing pioneering surgical specification protocols and a variety of new spinal implants.




  Written by: Lang Lang

  Edited by: Liu Xin

  Source: PKUTH