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PKUHSC Kicks Off National Key Research and Development Project

  On March 16, 2023, the launch meeting of the special project "Research and Development and Application of Innovative Drug Screening Systems Based on AI Big Data Driven and Trusted Security Computing" of the "14th Five Year Plan" National Key R&D Program "Biological and Information Fusion (BT and IT Integration)", led by Peking University, was held at PKUHSC. The project is jointly undertaken by 10 domestic advantageous units, including Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Children's Medical Center affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, National University of Defense Technology of the People's Liberation Army, Computer Network Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Advanced Institute of Information Technology of Peking University in Zhejiang Province, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Baitu BioMap (Beijing) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Wangshi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.


  Academician Zhan Qimin, president of National Institute of Health Data Science at Peking University, delivered a speech at the project-kickoff meeting. As the director of the National Biotechnology Development Strategy Expert Committee, Zhan Qimin believes that the project represents the forefront of scientific research and has a very clear interdisciplinary integration feature. It is hoped that the project can achieve the predetermined goals of the "14th Five Year Plan" and set a benchmark for the integration model of information and biotechnology.


  Subsequently, Professor Zhang Luxia, principal investigator of the project, and research subject leaders including Professor Nie Zaiqing, Professor Liu Zhenming, Professor Huang Bo (on behalf of Prof. Gao Xin), and Professor Li Zhongjun, respectively reported on the project and research subjects. The experts present at the meeting discussed the possible problems encountered during the implementation of the project and the matters that should be paid attention to, and put forward constructive opinions and suggestions.

  The meeting marks the full and formal launch of project research work. All participating units will complete project implementation and management based on the overall project arrangement, implement project tasks in accordance with high standards and strict requirements, strive to achieve significant breakthroughs in key fields and technologies, and eventually deliver satisfactory answers.






  Written by: Wu Zhaoxia

  Edited by: LiuXin

  Source: National Institute of Health Data Science at Peking University