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Ministry of Science and Technology Officials Visit PKUHSC

  A delegation from Ministry of Science and Technology led by Director General Dai Gang of International Cooperation visited China-ASEAN Science and Technology Cooperation Center for Public Health at Peking University Health Science Center in March 14 and held talks with the PKUHSC President Qiaojie, Vice President Wang Jiadong and Dean Zhan Siyan of the PKUHSC School of Public Health.


  Prof. Zhan reviewed the development of the China-ASEAN center, which is an undertaking by the School of Public Health under the leadership of Ministry of Science and Technology and the PKUHSC. In particular, she pointed to the coordinating efforts by the PKUHSC Office of International Cooperation and Department of Research Affairs.

  Mr. Dai recognized the role the center had played and the progress it had achieved in advancing national diplomatic strategy and promoting inter-governmental cooperation in science and technology, and pledged support for its further development.

  Prof. Wang thanked the Ministry for its support and reiterated the commitment of the PKUHSC to the center.





  Written by: Fan Xiaofei

  Edited by: Li Lanxin (intern)

  Source: School of Public Health, Office of International Cooperation, and Department of Research Affairs