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PKUHSC Holds Forum on Quality Development of Medical Disciplines


  The Peking University forum on quality development and innovation in medical disciplines was held March 12 at the auditorium of the PKUHSC Science and Technology Building, with attendance of 280 people, including government officials and representatives of PKUHSC leadership, schools, hospitals, administrative offices, institutes and young scholars.

  During the opening ceremony, PKUHSC President Qiao Jie, PKU Vice President Zhang Jin, Director Zhai Jianmin of Human Development (Department of Social Development, National Development and Reform Commission), Deputy Director General Gu Jinhui of Health Science, Technology and Education (National Health Commission) and former PKUHSC President Han Qide addressed the audience. The opening ceremony was followed by keynote speeches by Prof. Ning Guang, Prof. Tang Chao and Prof. Wang Jiadong. The forum saw the launching ceremony of a mentoring program for clinical scientists at PKU, where three mentor representatives made presentations.

  The afternoon session of the forum featured reports and dialogues on creating enabling environment and system for innovation and human development, in particular the development of database, coordinating platform and training system.





  Written by: Fan Xiaofei

  Edited by: Li Lanxin (intern)

  Source: Office of Discipline Construction