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PKU & PolyU Cohost the 2nd Global Forum on Medical Physics Education

  In honor of the 110th Anniversary of Peking University Medicine and the 10th International Day of Medical Physics, the 2nd Global Forum on Medical Physics Education was successfully held online and offline on November 5, 2022, cohosted by Peking University and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

  As the finale of a series of activities of the “Ministry of Education Hong Kong, Macao and the mainland primary and secondary school and college teacher and student exchange program—Beijing and Hong Kong medical physics teaching and research cooperation project”, the forum was co-chaired by the senior engineer Zhang Yibao from PKU Cancer Hospital and Professor Cai Jing from the Department of Health Technology and Informatics of PolyU. Focusing on the theme of division and coordination of medical physics education, in-depth discussions and exchanges were held in sessions of keynote speeches, invited reports, and group discussions.


  Group photo of some online attendees at the forum

  Representing the mode of medical physics education led by medical college, Professor Jamie McClelland and Associate Professor Billy Dennis from the Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering of University College London, Professor Xun Jia from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Associate Professor Tianyu Zhao from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, and experts in related subjects from Chinese hospitals had in-depth exchanges and heated discussions on topics of clinically oriented assessment and certification of medical physicists’ professional competence, standardization of core courses, international education cooperation in medical physics under the framework of UCL-PKU strategic partnership foundation, on-the-job education and continuing education, construction of science and engineering disciplines in general hospitals and acquisition of educational resources, hospital-led cross-departmental medical and engineering cross-mode in comprehensive universities, medical physics research and teaching in clinical scenarios, construction of medical and engineering teachers in medical schools and challenges of students, and UCL’s experience in medical physics project construction.

  Correspondingly, representing the mode of medical physics education led by departments of science and engineering, Professor Arman Rahmim from the Department of Physics and Astronomy of University of British Columbia, Professors Geng Lisheng and Zhao Wei from Beihang University School of Physics, Professor Xu Xie from School of Nuclear Science and Technology and Professor Yang Yidong from School of Physical Sciences of University of Science and Technology of China, and Professor Cai Jing from the Department of Health Technology and Informatics of PolyU had extensive exchanges and cooperation negotiations on topics of construction experience of UBC medical physics education project, source characteristics of students and employment orientation of graduates in faculties of science and engineering, acquisition of clinical teaching resources in faculties of science and engineering, advantages and challenges of setting up medical physics specialty in faculties of science and engineering, intercollegiate cooperation modes and mutual benefit and win-win.

  The participating experts all agreed that cross-border, interdisciplinary, cross-school, cross-departmental cooperation, sharing, co-construction and win-win are not only the core of the future global medical physics education, but also the original intention and mission of the “Global Forum on Medical Physics Education”. We look forward to working with the international medical physics community and higher education management experts to further promote the coordinated development of medical and engineering interdisciplinary construction and talent training.



  Written by: Lang Lang

  Edited by: Liu Xin

  Source: PKU Cancer Hospital