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PKUHSC’s Seven Teaching Achievements Win Beijing Municipal Teaching Achievement Award

  Recently, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau jointly issued the “Decision on Commending the Beijing Municipal Education and Teaching Achievement Award”. Peking University had thirty-eight teaching achievements commended, ranking first among Beijing universities in the total number of awards and the number of special awards. Among them, PKU Health Science Center won seven awards, including one special award—“Heart of healing and way of teaching—exploration and practice of new medical high-quality teacher training system” applied by Qiao Jie and others, three first prize awards—“Building of PKU medical undergraduate education and teaching assessment system based on a data perspective” applied by Wang Weimin and others, “Building and explorative practice of a higher-level medical application-oriented talents cultivation system in the context of Healthy China Strategy” applied by Duan Liping and others, and “Ideological education as the soul, cross-disciplines as the guide, digital technology as the line, cultivating innovative talents of stomatology in the new era” applied by Zhou Yongsheng and others, three second prize awards—“Deepening the coordination of medicine and education, construction and practice of standardized specialists training system oriented by demand and competency” applied by Jiang Hui and others. Beijing Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award is selected every four years. In 2021, a total of 30 special prizes, 227 first prizes and 340 second prizes were awarded.

  The teaching achievement award is an important indicator to highlight the quality of university education and teaching. It is a concentrated expression of the university’s measures and achievements in promoting educational and teaching reform, innovating the mode of talent training, and elevating the quality of talent training. This award reflected the fruitful results of the university’s educational reform and practical exploration in recent years.



  Written by: Lang Lang

  Edited by: Liu Xin

  Source: Institute of Medical Education