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The 2022 4th Peking University Qingming Forum Held in Beijing and Shanghai

  On March 27, the 2022 4th Peking University Qingming Forum hosted by PKU School of Health Humanities was held in the Boya China hall of Peking University and Shanghai (online). Han Qide, former vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhou Cheng, Dean of PKU School of Health Humanities, Cao Hongfeng, director of the Funeral Division of the Department of Social Affairs under the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and other leaders and guests attended the forum. Many experts and scholars from various fields such as medicine, sociology, ethics, life and death, including Wang Yifang, a well-known scholar in health humanities, Jing Yidan, a CCTV hostess, Huang nubo, an outstanding entrepreneur, and Cong Yali, a professor of PKU School of Health Humanities, delivered speeches at the forum. Professionals from related industries including medical care and funerals, teachers and students from related disciplines, and many other people who had registered online, came to the main venue to attend the forum. Nearly 40,000 people watched the live broadcast of the forum.


  PKU School of Health Humanities and Fu Shou Yuan International Group launched the "Peking University Qingming Forum " with the theme of life education in 2018. Taking advantage of the special atmosphere of Qingming Festival, the forum discusses various topics such as "death counseling", "death care" and "medical and funeral integration", in order to constantly break the taboo context and thinking concerning death, enrich the spiritual world of Chinese people, and make life and death peaceful and happy. So far, the forum has been held for four times, with a total of more than 1,000 people participating in the forum in person, and the number of online live viewers has reached more than 100,000. In the future, the Peking University Qingming Forum will continue to be held with the support of all sectors of society, and will continue to operate across circles, regions and disciplines.


  Written by: Wu Zhaoxia

  Edited by:Liu Xin

  Source: School of Health Humanities