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Reopening the Library and Forging ahead to the Future -- The 110th Anniversary of PKU Medicine

  Practicing Medicine with Virtue to Save Lives for 110 Years

  On October 26, 1912,

  China’s first government-funded school designated to teach western medicine---

  Beijing National Medical School(Now Peking University Health Science Center)was set up.

  Over the past 110 years, PKU Medicine has cultivated for the Party and the people a large number of famous scientists and outstanding doctors including Tu Youyou, Zhong Nanshan, Wang Zhongcheng, Hu Yamei, Gu Fangzhou, etc.

  and has made great contributions to the medical and health undertakings of the motherland.

  Generations of PKU Medicine have always been persistently protecting people’s health with benevolent mind and heart, cultivating talents for the Party and the country, and forging ahead to scale the heights of science.

  On October 26, just as the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was successfully concluded, PKU Medicine welcomed its 110th anniversary.

  The reopening ceremony of the Medical Library

  The striding-forward activity of teachers and students

  The theme activity of "Education under the National Flag"


  With various colorful activities, the teachers and students of PKU Medicine sent best wishes to BEIYI (PKUHSC) and strove together to stride forward on a new journey.


  It took 453 days to renovate the hundred-year-old Medical Library. On the morning of the 26th, PKUHSC held a reopening ceremony of the Medical Library, starting a new chapter of its development.


  Zhang Daqing, director of the Medical Library, introduced that the reopened medical library has the first underground smart library in colleges and universities in China, which will provide more intelligent services for teachers and students, create a more elegant reading environment, and improve knowledge service capabilities more comprehensively, providing a strong literature guarantee for PKU Medicine.


  Distinguished guests and leaders including Han Qide, Zhang Yuzhuo, Sun Yao, Hao Ping, Lin Huiqing, Xiong Yuanming, Ke Yang, Qiao Jie, Chen Baojian, and Hu Yi reopened the Medical Library by touching the screen, marking a new journey of Shufan Medical Library. Many guests and representatives of PKUHSC teachers and students witnessed the reopening ceremony.



  The reopening of the new library is the best commemoration dedicated to PKU Medicine’s 110th birthday, and the library will surely become the cultural center, creative center, and learning center of PKU Medicine in the future. With the reopening, two major exhibitions were also held in the library. Located on Basement 2, the exhibition "Practicing Medicine with Virtue - Special Exhibition for the 110th Anniversary of PKU Medicine" tells the story of great masters, talented students, and spiritual heritages in PKU Medicine’s long history. The "Calligraphy Exhibition for Teachers and Students and the Collection Exhibition of Yujie Aesthetic Education Studio" on the fourth floor of the library focuses on the spiritual outlook of PKU Medical staff in the process of yearning for and pursuing beauty, strengthening cultural self-confidence, and maintaining integrity and innovation towards the future.

  On the 110th birthday of PKU Medicine, Shufan Medical Library once again opened the door to the palace of integrating historical traditions with modern science and technology, with BEIYI people (or PKU Medicine people) all together striving to embrace their dreams and write a new chapter in the new era.


  On the afternoon of October 26, the Striding-forward activity themed "Celebration of the 20th National Congress of the CPC and of the 110 Years of Medical Practice with Virtue" was held to celebrate the 110th anniversary of PKU Medicine. Nine square arrays with more than 1,100 teachers and students gave the sincerest birthday wishes to PKU Medicine by taking strides around the campus, demonstrating the attitude of perseverance and persistence, showing the spirit of self-confidence and self-reliance, integrity and innovation, and striving for a new era with higher morale.


  The teachers and students of PKUHSC strode forward on the campus, confidently taking their steps with the spirit of "kindness and virtue". PKU Medicine people will continue to make unremitting efforts for the health of the people and stride forward on the road of development in the new era!





  Written by: Wu Zhaoxia

  Edited by:Liu Xin

  Source: Department of Publicity