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Welcome to Peking University Health Science Center

About the Center


Peking University Health Science Center (PUHSC) is one of the nation’s leading institutions of modern medical education in China and is recognized as a renowned medical school both at home and abroad. Established in 1912 as the first public Western medical school in China, its former name was Peking National Medical School, and then Beijing Medical University, which successfully developed into a multi-disciplinary comprehensive health science center.

PUHSC is composed of 12 schools and teaching divisions, 8 university hospitals with over 7,400 inpatient beds and a daily admission of over 297,000 outpatients. PUHSC now has faculty of over 11,531 including highly qualified intellectual and an enrollment of 7934 students,1965 professors and 11 respected members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering who all share a deep commitment to medical research and education, thus providing an unparalleled learning environment for students.



Welcome to Join Us


PUHSC is one of the earliest universities admitting international students in China,admitting foreign students at different levels from 73 countries all over the world since 1953. It offers a full range of courses in basic medical sciences, clinical medicine, pharmaceutics, public health, stomatology and nursing to international students at undergraduate, graduate and advanced study levels. As one of the nation’s leading institutions of higher education, PUHSC has much to offer. We hope you will seek us out. We look forward to your further inquiry.



Major Fields and Curricula for International Students


General Information

PUHSC offers 4 different study programs to foreign students. For those pursuing a study at PUHSC, we ask you to carefully read about the major fields of study listed in this brochure to see whether the center offers a program in your area of interest.



Undergraduate Programs


Undergraduate programs leading to a bachelor’s degree in Medical Science are offered in the following areas: clinical medicine.



Clinical Medicine: 6 years


The main subjects:

Mathematics Pharmacology

Physics Diagnostic medicine

Inorganic Chemistry Internal Medicine

Organic Chemistry Surgery

Biology Obstetrics and Gynecology

Human Anatomy Pediatrics

Histology and Embryology Infectious Diseases

Physiology Neurology

Biochemistry Psychiatry

Microbiology Ophthalmology

Immunology Otolaryngology

Pathology Dermatology

Medical Forensic

Internship in the sixth year


Graduate Program


PUHSC offers graduate study leading to a master’s degree or doctoral degree. The objective of the programs is to train the next generation of medical scientists to approach medical issues with a thorough understanding and systematic knowledge of medical theories and practice. The graduate program has two types: clinical specialization and laboratory research.


1. Clinical specialization:for Master degree, 3 years; for Doctoral degree, 3 years; combined Master and Doctoral degree, 5 years.


The specialty orientation:

Internal Medicine





Clinical Stomatology


2. Laboratory research: for Master degree, 3 years, for Doctoral degree, 3 years


The main orientation:





Cell Biology

Child, Adolescent and Maternal Health


Advanced Study Program

Long-term advanced study program lasts for one year, which mainly prepares the applicants for the Chinese doctors' license test. Short-term advanced study programs last from several weeks to within 6 months, which focuses more on clinical observation and lab experiences. Available in all specialties: Clinical Medicine, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Basic Medical Science, Pharmaceutics, Public Health, and Nursing.


Preparatory Program

This is a one year or half a year's program to help the prospective students meet the undergraduate admission requirement on language (Chinese) and prerequisite science courses.

Primary Chinese

Medical Chinese




Intermediate Chinese

Spoken Chinese

Chinese Conversation

Writing in Chinese

Chinese History and Culture




Admission of International Students


Entering the University



PUHSC is very interested in diversifying its student body with the admission of students from other countries. We are pleased that you are considering a program at PUHSC and welcome you to apply for admission. Application materials for foreign students are available from the Foreign Students Office or via our website. Please read and follow all instructions carefully regarding the latest information about PUHSC. It will ensure an efficient and accurate processing of your application.



Applying for Admission



Applicants are asked to submit their credentials, as described in the application requirements listed below. This process assures each applicant that all necessary materials will be received at PUHSC by the application deadline.  For the newest admission guide and detailed application procedures, please visit "How to Apply".


Basic Requirements



Bachelor’s Degree and Preparatory Program


1) High school graduates (12 years education).

2) Photocopy of graduation certificate

3) Official school transcripts (Translated into Chinese or English)

4) Identification document

5) Financial statement (In Chinese or English)



Master’s Degree


1) Applicants holding a bachelor’s degree or equivalent

2) Two letters of recommendation from two university professors

3) A statement of financial resources and status information

4) Official university/college transcripts.



Doctoral Degree


1) Applicants holding a master’s degree or equivalent

2) Two letters of recommendation from two university professors

3) A statement of financial resources and status information

4) Official university/college transcripts.



Advanced program


1) Applicants holding a medical education background or equivalent

2) Two letters of recommendation from two university professors

3) A statement of financial resources and status information



Application Procedures


Please read "How to apply" section on the English page e.bjmu.edu.cn for the latest and detailed information.




Application Deadline


The application for undergraduate program lasts from Dec 1 this year to the end of Feb next year. The graduate application (for next year's admission) is from Dec 1 to 30 each year. The application for preparatory program is divided into two periods, the first period ends in Feb and the second period ends in Aug. The application date for one year advanced study program starts in April and ends in early June; for short-term advanced study program, the application should be submitted three months before the proposed starting date.



Application Fee


For self-supported applicants, the application for admission must be accompanied by an application fee of RMB¥800 (cash only). The fee is nonrefundable, cannot be waived, and is nontransferable to other institutions.

Tuition and Fees


1. Application Fee: RMB¥800(cash)


2. Tuition:

Undergraduates: RMB¥45,000 per year

Master’s degree programs: RMB¥54,000 per year

Doctoral programs and special training programs: RMB¥62,000 per year

Advanced study programs: RMB¥52,000 per year

Preparatory programs: RMB¥25,000 per year

The fee is nonrefundable, cannot be waived and nontransferable to other institutions if not approved by the Foreign Students Office.


3. Accommodation:

Single Room: RMB¥80 per bed per day

Fees should be paid on the day of registration at the beginning of every semester.


4. Other fees

Cost of study materials, traveling, transportation, insurance premium, meals and other vary on individual needs.



Living on Campus


Each foreign student dormitory is air-conditioned and completely furnished along with a bathroom, telephone, and an internet connection. Public kitchens, washing machines, and a computer room are available in the dormitory building.

The campus of PUHSC is located in Haidian District, a well-known cultural and university area in northwest Beijing. Nearby is the rapidly developing Zhongguancun Hi-tech Zone, while several magnificent and fabulous scenic spots such as the former royal palaces and gardens can be reached conveniently by public transportation. You can also conveniently reach downtown by public transportation.



The Foreign Student Office


Foreign Student Office provides services to students and visiting faculty from other countries to study in PUHSC and assists foreign students during their stay in China. It provides information concerning, but not limited to, housing, orientation, immigration status, general academic considerations, health insurance, and other personal concerns.

Foreign Student Office’s address:

Foreign Students Office

PekingUniversity Health Science Center

38 Xue Yuan Road

Beijing 100191


Tel: 0086-010-82801253

Fax: 0086-010-82801555

E-mail: zxg_904@bjmu.edu.cn



Our Web Pages

These Web pages provide general information as a courtesy to viewers. Peking University Health Science Center is home to international student population among major Chinese universities. We are proud of our reputation and popularity among medical students from around the world, and offer these Web pages to help answer your questions about admission to the university. Please visit our homepage at www.bjmu.edu.cn or e.bjmu.edu.cn or feel free to contact us at zxg_904@bjmu.edu.cnif you have further questions.