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Visa and Residence Permit


1. Long-term students(longer than half a year)


Once you are admitted to PUHSC long term program , you will get an X1 VISA from the Chinese embassy in your country. New students with X1 VISA should get a residence permit within 30 days upon entry or face a fine. They should apply for the residence permit in the Division of Exit-Entry of the Administration of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau. The documents required are listed below:


1) A valid passport with a valid VISA.


2) A Health Examination Report or Validation Report from the Beijing International Travel Health Care Center.


3) A valid Residence Registration Certificate issued by the residential police station.


4) Admission Letter and JW202/201


5) An official photo with white/blue base, the size of 3.5*5.3cm Students have to renew the residence permit per 11 months in China, and will be punished for delay.  


6) Visa Fee, pay with RMB cash.


The new students are required to have an interview with the police officer when applying for the Residence Permit.



2. Short-term students (shorter than half a year)


For short-term exchange students or students in the advanced program (shorter than half an year), they should apply for the  X2 visa in the local Chinese Embassy or Consulate with the JW202 form and admission notice from the school. Once they arrive in China, they should register in the local police station (unnessary if live in a hotel)