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Pre-arrival Guide


Here are some important tips for applicants!

1.  Chinese Language Level
Please pay special attention to the Chinese Language Level required for undergrauate study here. We don't offer courses in English except for the Biomedical English Major. HSK 5 or above is strongly recommended when you start your freshman year. HSK 4 or above is strongly recommended when you consider a pre-college year in PUHSC.


2. About The Undergraduate Programs
We have two majors available for high-school level graduates, clinical medicine and dentistry.


3. About the Students Structure
Most of our students are from Asia, some are from other parts of the world, including America, Australia, Europe as well as Africa. We welcome students from all over the world to apply for our medical programs.


4. About the International Student Dormitory



I. Rooms

A. CSC students: double-room with a bunk bed (the lower part is the desk), independent bath room, and some rooms have small balconies. Free beddings are provided.

B. Self-pay students: double-room as mentioned above.


II. Facilities in the building

A. Washing machine: there is washing machine with card- reader on every other floor. You can buy washing card from the Service Desk.

B. Boiler Room: every floor has a boiler room, which supplies hot water 24 hours a day.

C. Telephone, web service: each room has an IC card telephone, through which you can make international calls, national calls and local calls (You should buy an IC card); to get international and national web service in your dorm, you have to go through some procedures at the Information Center of the school.

D. Student could not cook or use any heating appliances in the building. If you want to cook your own meals, you could rent an apartment outside of campus by yourself.