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Student Exchange


PUHSC has made special efforts on expanding international student exchange programs. The current exchange programs include M.D./PH.D dual degree programs, joint doctoral programs and various short-term exchange programs. Now we send and receive an increasing number of students for short-term exchange each year.


PUHSC understands and acknowledges the importance to broaden students’ horizon and is actively promoting student overseas exchange programs. The student exchange program started in 2000 and has been developing rapidly. In 2012, PUHSC is sending over 80 students to its overseas partner universities for clinical rotations, public health programs as well as lab rotations, and accepting over 40 students from its overseas partner universities for clinical clerkship at PUHSC. The length of these exchange programs varies from three weeks to three months. The exchange students enjoyed and appreciated the opportunities. They have benefited greatly from such kind of exchange.


The other type of student overseas exchange is the joint MD-PhD program. The joint MD-PhD program is offered through the joint efforts of PUHSC and its overseas partner universities. Our MD candidates (under an 8-years study scheme) go abroad to pursue PhD degrees after they finish their 5-year Bachelor of Medicine at PUHSC, and then return to PUHSC to continue another 3-year MD training upon receiving their PhD degrees overseas. This form of exchange will greatly enhance the collaboration in research between PUHSC and its partner universities, while the students benefit from both clinical and research training. Each year, PUHSC sends about 10 students under this MD-PhD program to its partner universities around the world.