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Medical Informatics Center

  Peking University Medical Informatics Center (PKUMIC), an independent entity institution, was established in April 2010. The PKUMIC is an interdisciplinary center and intends to build upon strengths to emerge as a world-class teaching, research and advisory institution in biomedical, clinical, and health informatics.

  The overall goal of the PKUMIC is to use information technology and knowledge to support and improve patient care, healthcare delivery, disease prevention, medical research, government policy making, and even China’s health reform.

  The faculties and students in the PKUMIC have a wide range of experiences and interests, including medical informatics, clinical medicine, epidemiology, biostatistics, computer science, information management, health administration and hospital management.

  The PKUMIC has collaborated for various researches with the Ministry of Health, provincial health bureaus, hospitals, and pharmaceutical and health IT industries.


  Current Research Works:

  Clinical data warehouse and big data mining and analyzing

  Electronic medical record-based hospital performance evaluation and national key clinical specialty evaluation

  Tele-medicine, mobile health, ubiquitous health and E-health cloud

  Health information standards research and evaluation

  Health information security

  Medical informatics training and consulting services


  Acting Director: Mr. ZHANG JUN

  Add:Rm 511, No. 1 Administration Building, Peking University Health Science Center,

  No. 38 Xueyuan Rd., Haidian Dist., 100191, Beijing, China

  Contact Person: Miss YU NA

  Tel/Fax:+(86-10) 8280 5900

  E-mail: anuy@bjmu.edu.cn