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  About Us

  Peking University Medical Press (PUMP) is a department of Peking University Health Sciences Centre (PKUHSC) and a leading medical publishing house in China. Since its establishment in 1989, PUMP has furthered the university's objective of excellence in research, scholarship and education by publishing high quality medical works for practitioners, students, researchers, and general public. PUMP publishes and distributes a wide range of medical books and e-publications throughout China. PUMP has won reputation for the top quality and social contribution of its publications. In 1995, PUMP was selected and established as “the Advanced University Publishing House” by Ministry of Education. In recent years, PUMP has been three times honoured as “the National Excellent Publishing House” by General Administration of Press and Publication. More than 70 books published by PUMP have ever won China Book Award or other national awards. Now PUMP publishes about 300 new titles a year, with 400 titles in print.


  With backup of PUHSC, PUMP has some natural advantages to produce quality academic publications. PKUHSC is the medical school of Peking University and one of the oldest and most prestigious medical institutions in China. PUHSC possesses a large number of national areas of excellence, best hospitals and many leading physicians and scientists in the country. The large number of top physicians and researchers of PUHSC, who are conversant with the latest development in related fields, have become PUMP’s natural resources of authors and translators. The output from teaching, research and practice by the staff and students has been an important source of PUMP’s publication materials. And also, the physicians and students are a valuable group of readers. With these natural advantages, PUMP has achieved rapid development since its establishment. Through its publications, PUMP has also provided great support for the teaching and research of PKUHSC.



  Experienced Editorial Team

  PUMP has a strong editorial team. Editors come from various medially related fields, such as clinical medicine, basic medical sciences, public health and pharmacy. 70% of editors have PhD or MPhil degrees. We also have editors from retired renowned professors. As publisher, this professional editorial team is essential for us to produce high quality medical books.


  Professional Marketing and Sales Team

  PUMP has a professional marketing and sales team, and has established a sales network covering the whole country. Different marketing strategies are employed for different titles. The major distribution channels are through bookstores. Cooperation with academic institutions or associations is also helpful. In recent years, online sales have become increasingly important.


  Quality Control

  PUMP has strict quality control system, which ensures high quality of the publications. As for Chinese translations, the following process guarantees all translations will be made from original English text completely, accurately and faithfully.

  PUMP will engage suitably qualified and competent persons as translators. Their qualifications will be carefully examined.

  The Agreement between PUMP and translators will clearly stipulate: (i) the translation must be complete and accurate and any modification of the original work shall only be made as necessary to achieve a competent and idiomatic translation without changing the meaning of the original text; (ii) the translation must be made in standard and fluent Chinese language with quality generally comparable to the original text.

  The translation will be edited by a qualified and competent editor, who will check with the original work for reference at any time necessary in the editorial process.

  After the editorial stage, the translation will undergo strict 3-step check-up procedure. Besides, before printing a final quality review will be conducted by a team composed of experts, which features PUMP’s quality control process and ensure the minimum error rate.



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