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Journal of Peking University (Health Sciences)

  Journal of Peking University (Health Sciences) / Beijing Daxue Xuebao Yixueban, established in 1959, is a national academic journal sponsored by Peking University, and its former name is Journal of Beijing Medical University. It is a peer-reviewed, general medical journal, distributed bimonthly to its readers in China and some other countries.


  The Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Peking University (Health Sciences) is Qi-de Han, MD. Its Editorial Board boasts of 7 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences or Chinese Academy of Engineering, 8 scholars working in the US, 86 famous professors in different biomedical and health fields in China.


  The Journal has been indexed and abstracted by MEDLINE/PubMed, Excepta Media (EMBASE), Chemical Abstracts (CA), Реферативныйж урнал (РЖ, Russia), ExtraMED, the Western Pacific Region Index Medicus (WPR), Japan Science & Technology Agency Bibliographic Database (JST), and almost all the Chinese sciences and technical index systems, including Chinese Science and Technology Paper Citation Database (CSTPCD), Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), China BioMedical Bibliographic Database (CBMdisc), Chinese Medical Current Contents (CMCC), A Guide to the Core Journals of China, Chinese Medical Digest, Chinese Biological Abstracts, Chinese Pharmaceutical Abstracts, China National Academic Magazine Data-Base (CNKI), Wanfang Data (ChinaInfo), etc .


  The contributions come from all over the country, and some from oversea authors. The coverage of the Journal includes basic medical sciences, clinical medicine, oral medicine, surgery, public health and epidemiology, pharmacology and pharmacy, and traditional Chinese medicine. Over the last few years, the Journal has published articles and reports covering major topics in the different special issues ( e.g. research on disease genome, acupuncture for pain relief, theory of drug withdrawal, mechanism and prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, stomatology, orthopaedic, public health, urology and reproductive medicine). All the topics involve latest advances in medical sciences, hot topics in specific specialties, and prevention and treatment of major diseases. Many of these manuscripts are contributed by the leading scientists of China, which basically reflect the top research levels in these fields.


  The layout of the Journal is according to the international standard. The Journal has English catalogue and copyright page. Articles are published with English titles, authors' names, abstract, key words, as well as English figure legends and tables. A few manuscripts are published in English. Online publish-ahead-of-print started in March 2011, and every article published since 2003 is available online free without registration (http://xuebao.bjmu.edu.cn). The Journal provides free sample issues and journal electronic versions to the databases on time strictly.





  Managing Senior Editor: Gui-fang Zeng

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