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  Peking University Health Science Library was first established in 1922, and its new building was opened in 1989, occupying 10,200 square meters with over 1,000 seats available.

  The library holds a vast collection of more than 700,000 volumes, mostly on biology and medical sciences. Among the myriad of materials, there are many ancient rare books. We keep the hand-written copy of 'The Holy Benevolent Prescriptions', which is the only copy remained in the mainland. The diverse range of local and international journals and periodicals includes a gamut of 4000 kinds, of which 781 are currently published. Apart from its printed collections, the library also has in store various audiovisuals including cassettes, videotapes, microfilms and CD-ROMs. The recently introduced online databases and multimedia databases further facilitate the users in information navigation and knowledge production. Networked to the library resources in all the hospitals affiliated to the Peking University, Health Science Library forms a vital component of the Medical Information Keeping System.

  In 1985, the Ministry of Education set up China's sole Foreign Medical Teaching Material Center in our library. As the only nationally acknowledged organization in China, the Center aims at importing outstanding foreign medical textbooks and reference books, thus lending tremendous support to the development in the textbook studies in China. In 1991, our library was appointed by the Ministry of Education to become the Central Library of Literature Resources Sharing Network in Northern China. In 1993, the Medical Information Administration Committee of the Ministry of Health named us the authorized searching station for new research index. Furthermore, it also hosts the National Medical Document and Information Center, which is under the management of the Center of Academic Library Information System (CALIS), founded by the Ministry of Education in 1998. Being a crucial part of the public service program of "project 211", the Center is striving to scale new heights in resource sharing and digital library development.

  Apart from the normal browsing and loaning services, the library also offers information reference, index search for new research projects, achievement appraisal, SDI, inter-library loaning, audiovisual services, multimedia disc reading, document delivery as well as various photocopying and printing services. Hence, the library is not only a rich well of information, but also effectively functions as an education center.

  The library will strive on to enhance the breadth and depth of the information resources, and continue to define, develop and strengthen our service culture.




  Location: Peking University Health Science Library

  Website: http://library.bjmu.edu.cn/english/