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Peking University Clinical Research Institute(PUCRI)


  Name: Peking University Clinical Research Institute(PUCRI)




  Our Mission:

  To maintain and improvethe health of human beings through development of highquality clinical research.


  Our Tasks:

  1.Creating an environment for development.

  Establishing academic, government andindustry’tri-party partnership’ platforms;

  Establishing open, cooperative, multi-discipline teams using human resources fromthe institute, university wide and outside-of-university.

  2.Establishingtechnical capacity with internationalstandards

  Organization:The institutecurrently has 4 research departments and 1 administration office.

  Project development and Management

  Data Management


  Education and Training (Center for Ethics Training established within).

  Office of Administration  

  Staff:Our faculty includes 6 professors, 10guest professors, and 3 associate professors;9 with PhD degree, and 18 with Master degree.

  Standard Operation Procedures (SOP):During past 5 years, more than 200 sets of SOPs had been developedfor the operation of clinical research activities in all aspects.

  Advanced information technology:The PUCRIcurrentlyown a world-class clinical research data management system and an advanced online working platform, which enables us to design, implement, monitor, organize, and coordinate high-quality clinical research projects.

  Based on these advanced resources,the Beijing Service Center for New Drug Development Clinical Research Design and Management was established with support from Beijing Science and Technology Commission in 2010.


  3.Developing high level training and education programs

  The institute has dedicated to disseminating the knowledge of clinical research, including theories, technologies, and methodologies.All types of education and training have been conducted, with over 6000 trainees benefited from our training programs in the past 5 years. Chinese Course of Drug Development and Regulatory Science” (CCDRS)has gained international recognition and become an affiliate of the European PharmaTrain Federation.A new Master Degree Program inSciences in Clinical Research is currently under preparation and will be provided in 2014.

  4.Technically supporting innovative clinical research projects

  There have been more than 30 innovative large clinical research projects running with technical supportby PUCRI, includingthose funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Australia National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), the UK Medical Research Council (MRC), China Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, Peking University Clinical Research Program, and the UMHS-PUHSC Joint Institute for Translational and Clinical Research. Some results have been published in high-impact international journals.



  The technical support by PUCRI includes:

  Research protocol development;

  Training the investigators;

  Auditing and monitoring;

  Data management;

  Statistical analysis and data reporting.

  Our technical support significantly improved the quality of research, reduced the risk of misconduct of research, and greatly enhanced the protection ofhumanresearch subjects.



  Director: Weigang Fang, MD


  Contact:Yanfang Wang,Assistant Director, MD/PhD/MHS


  Tel:8280-5834, ext.1041

  Address: Building #6,Peking University Health Science Center,No.38 XueyuanRd.,HaidianDistrict , Beijing 100191, China