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Peking University Stomatological Research Institute


Name:Peking University Stomatological Research Institute




Research field:

Basic and Clinical research of oral diseases


Research directions:

The basic research:

Clinical research:

  1. Molecular and genetic mechanisms in oral and maxillofacial diseases;

    Functional and pathological mechanisms of oral and maxillofacial organs and clinical-translational researches;

    Stem cell biology and tissue regeneration, development and evaluation of new dental biomaterials and technology with intellectual property rights;

    Basic research on digital technology in dentistry.

    Functional reconstruction and repair on oral and maxillofacial malformation and defect with application of digital surgery, bone lengthening, oral implantation and team approach for cleft palate

    Pathology, etiology, prevention and treatment of common oral diseases and the relationships with systemic diseases

    Non-surgical treatment of skeletal Class Ⅲ malocclusion and development of transmission appliance in orthodontic treatment

    Integrated subject comprised of multiple new diagnostic and treatment technology of oral radiology

    Prosthodontic treatment with integrated digital devices

    Pediatric dentistry treatment under anesthetized conditions

    Treatment of vascularized autogeneous submandibular gland transfer for KCS and application of 125I on oral and maxillofacial malignant tumors

    Multidisciplinary research of stomatology with engineering, medicine to highlight the pathology, etiology, prevention and treatment of oral diseases.


Director: Chuanbin Guo


Contact: Yanhua Shan

E-mail: kqkeyanban@163.com


Address:No. 22, Zhongguancun South Avenue, Haidian District, Beijing, 100081,P. R.China