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China –US Center for Medical Professionalism

Name: China –US Center for Medical Professionalism




Research field:

Medical professionalism


Research directions:

  1. Medical Professionalism: deepen understanding and spread the concept of medical professionalism, and enhance the medical community to put patient interest first and develop medical community’s self-discipline.
  2. Doctor-patient relationship: discuss how to develop harmonious relationsip
  3. Conflict of Interestdevelop guidelines for medical institutions to deal with relationship between physicians and drug industry
  4. The China-U.S. Center on Medical Professionalism, PUHSC, seeks to collaborate and share with colleagues from China, the United States, and other countries, to construct a platform that will further the development of medical professionalism.


Director: Yali Cong


Contact: Xiaoyan Yin,  Si Li

Email: medprof@bjmu.edu.cn,yin_2262@163.com

Tel: 010-82805543

Address: #601,Yifu Teaching Building, Peking University Health Science Center, 38 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing100191P. R. China.