School of Nursing

  About us

  Peking University School of Nursing (formally known as Faculty of Nursing, Beijing Medical University) was among the first group of schools to restore higher nursing education in China in 1980s.  Granted by the National Education Committee, the school was the first school in China to offer Master Degree program in nursing in 1990. The PhD Program was granted to be offered in 2010. The school has been approved by the Ministry of Education as the leading institution of the National Advisory Committee for Higher Nursing Education since 2007.

  The School offers the Bachelor Degree on undergraduate level, and the Master Degree in Research, Master Degree in Practice, and PhD on postgraduate level. It has 5 academic divisions: Fundamental Nursing, Medical and Surgical Nursing, Maternal and Child Nursing, Community Nursing, and Humanities and Social Science in Nursing. The academic faculty holds qualifications for both teaching and clinical practice, with the enthusiasm of providing the best learning experiences for students from different backgrounds.

  Peking University School of Nursing personifies the spirit of the Peking University Health Science Center doctrine: Be cooperative, rigorous, practical and innovative. With a faculty being highly motivated and devoted, the school will play a more significant role in health maintenance and promotion and have an essential impact on enhancing the well being of the public.

  Contact information:

  Administration Office: Office 119, Building of Nursing School, 010-82802447