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School of Foundational Education

  School of Foundational Education/ Institute for Medical Humanities

  Peking University School of Foundational Education was established on July 11, 2002. It is a merger of the former Division of Social Sciences and Humanities, Division of Foreign Language Studies, Division of Physical Education, Division of Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science. Peking University Institute for Medical Humanities, the research side of the School, was founded in April, 2008. The Institute, although recently established, has a long scholarly tradition in medical humanities. The first Chinese teaching and research divisions for the history of medicine, medical psychology and medical ethics were established here.

  Staff: Currently the school has a staff of 135 people, including 15 professors, 42 associate professors, and 49 lecturers; 11 master program supervisors, and 6 doctoral program supervisors.

  Students: There are158 five-year undergraduatestudents, 28 master students, and 12 doctoral students.

  Five departments: Department of Social Sciences, Department of Medical Humanities, Department of Natural Sciences in Medicine, Department of Applied Linguistics, and Department of Physical Education.

  Programs: The school provides programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including one five-year undergraduate program in Biomedical English, and several graduate programs in the History of Science and Medicine, Medical Psychology, Applied Ethics, Medical Sociology which grant MA and Ph. D degrees. The school is committed to educating and training high-level talents in the field of medical humanities.

  Research Institute:The Institute has four university-level research centers, namely, Center for the History of Medicine, Center for Clinical Psychology, the China-U.S. Center for Medical Professionalism, Center for Sexology Research. There are also seven research centers at the Institute level. 

  Journal: Chinese Medical Humanities Review

  Address: Room 715D, Yifu Teaching Building (Administrative office)

  Peking University Health Science Center

  38, Xueyuan Road, Haidian District Beijing, 100191


  Phone and fax: 8610-8280-2512