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Peking University Hepatology Institute
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Name: Peking University Hepatology Institute




Research field:

Basic research, experimental diagnosis and medical care of liver diseases.


Research directions:

  1. Study of epidemiology and factors influencing the progression of HCV infection, optimizing treatment for difficult-to-treat hepatitis C.
  2. Development of therapeutic vaccines against HCV and hepatocellular carcinoma, development novel anti-HBV drugs.
  3. Molecular and immunological mechanisms of HCC pathogenesis, metastasis and recurrence.
  4. Establishment of reference materials of HCV for experimental diagnosis.
  5. Stem cell therapy for liver diseases.


Director: Wei Lai


Contact: Wang Jianghua


Tel: 010-88325726

Address: Peking University Hepatology Institute, Xizhimen South Street 11th, Xizhimen District, Beijing, 100044, P. R. China


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