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Peking University Institute for Drug Discovery and Development (IDDD)
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NamePeking University Institute for Drug Discovery and Development  (IDDD)


Founded: 2009



The institute was based on State Key Laboratory of Natural and Biomimetic Drugs, and integrated research resources from associate organizations, including School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Basic Medical Sciences, School of Life Sciences, College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, School of Public Health, Founder Group, and Beijing Sinobioway Group. Following the general requirements for drug discovery, the institute attaches importance to interdisciplinary cooperation, including pharmaceutical sciences, basic medical science, clinical medicine, chemistry, biology, and computer science. Currently, IDDD has been the major power for innovative drug research in Peking University.IDDD is led by Professor Ke Yang, Vice president of Peking University. As Dean of the institute, and Ke is in charge of general organization and coordination. Academic affairs, including development goal and future plans, are managed by the academic committee. The committee is supervised by Academician Han Qi-de, and is composed of senior academician, remarkable scientists, and famous entrepreneurs in pharmaceutical sciences. Technical affairs are operated by the technical committee, which provides guidance to assure the conduction of each project. The technical committee consists of well-known domestic and foreign scientists, and is supervised by Academician Zhang Li-he.

Up to now, IDDD had established 10 top-level sub-platforms in drug discovery viz Target Discovery and Validation Platform, High Throughput Drug Screening Platform, Drug Design Platform, Compound Preparation Platform and Library, Pharmacodynamic Evaluation Platform, Drug Toxicity Evaluation Platform, Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Platform, Quality Control Platform, Drug Processing Platform, and Drug Delivery and Formulation Platform.

IDDD provides integrated system and advanced technology for national novel drug research and development. It had become an important part of the drug discovery system in our country. At the same time, IDDD had trained a great number of pharmaceutical research talents who contributed to the pharmaceutical industry.In the past three years, IDDD has made great progress in scientific research and technical service. An integrated technical system had been established for innovative drug research, development, and clinical trials. Two novel drug targets had been discovered, and new drug candidates had been developed based on these targets. Up to now, IDDD had obtained 2 new drug certificates, discovered a group of active leading compounds and drug candidates; and established more than 60 national drug standards. Meanwhile, IDDD has provided 115 technical services for domestic and foreign research institutes and pharmaceutical companies, and provided drug design services for more than 3000 members. IDDD has obtained 51 issued Chinese patents and 7 issued international patents. These studies have led to a direct benefit of 334.5 million RMB.

Into the new period, the staff of IDDD is actively responding to the country on promoting  the major project of drug discovery and research , To develop some key drugs for  ten major diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease, diabetes and mental health.  And  make   greater contribution  for practicing  the mission and dedication to healthcare course of Chinese people


Director:Yang Ke

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