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The IBME was founded in September, 18th, 2004.  It is an academic institute, which services both under and post graduate students, with the purpose of enriching students’ study life and enhancing our ability.  We do our best to hold various activities on the principle of “be practical and serve the society”, promoting students to learning and creating, in order to form an academic atmosphere, and finally make people to realize their responsibility for the society.

Our basic missions:

1, Establish and maintain the contact with experts on English, foreign organizations and brother universities.  Hold optimizing activities and enrich our daily life.

2, Publish our own newspaper, providing students with a platform of communication and broadening the horizon.

3, Pay enough attention of the feed-backs in order to uplift our professional level.

4, Attend as many practical activities as possible.  Serve the society.

In the first semester, more than a hundred students have signed up in this club, most of whom are English majors with a second major of Economics, International Relationships, Psychology, etc.  Within the first three month, we held a number of high-quality lectures, which contributed to Chinese and Western culture communication.  This semester we will provide students with more interesting activities, and will set up a new section—English corner!  We believe that with your support and our effort, IBME will certainly become strong enough to hold more exciting activities and serve the students and the society.  Thank for your support.


Address: Xv Jin, #23 mail box, Peking University Health Science Center, Xue Yuan Street, Hai Dian district, Beijing. P: 100083.


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