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This union was founded in 1999.  It belongs to the “Friend of the Nature”, the largest Chinese public environment protection organization.  Although over the five years, “Green Wind” has encounteres all sorts of difficulties, the union members are always strong enough to tackle them, and advocate their love and enthusiasm to the duty of protecting the environment.


1, Collect wasted batteries and recyclable garbage, and donate the income to the Hope Project.

2, Regularly play movies and hold lecture on environment protection.

3, Publicize the importance of protecting the environment on certain days. E.g. April 22nd, the earth’s day; June 5th, the world’s environment day.

4, Sign names for the Beijing 2008.

5, Hold activities of the “green cleaning” in school’s sports day.

6, Visits to animal preserves, garbage processing factory, and animal first aid center.

7, Do surveys on medical garbage.

8, Plant trees annually.

9, Other activities associated with environment protecting unions from other universities.


This year, 120 become members of the “Green Wind”, which is divided into four sections: practice, social affairs, propaganda and the association of volunteers.  And we have pretty mature experience of organizing and managing.  We elect chairmen of the union and different sections, who are responsible for distributing work, holding weekly meetings and making developing plans.


Hope there are more people joining in this big happy family and advocate to the protection of the environment.



Chairman: Li Quanzhi  82333568

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