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Dining on Campus

Dining on Campus

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Dining on Campus
PUHSC provides you with various food as well as dining experiences.

  In the west part of the campus, to the north of the playground and next to the campus hospital, there is the biggest place for dinner -- the Yuejinting Dining Hall. On the east side is the food and drink service of the school. It serves the most common food for students ranging from rice to streamed bread and noodle. And on the west side is some contracted food stores who serve on-demand food with more variety for wider flavor.

  To the west of Yuejinting Dining Hall, two restaurants, Shiyuanju and Heyuan stand a few steps away. If you are looking for a less crowded place or you just want a change, they are worth trying. To remind you, Shiyuanju Restaurant has the second floor where you can order fancy dishes and even wine.

  If you feel like eating food with foreign taste, Bixiangge Restaurant is the one and the only choice. It is to the north of Yuejinting Dining Hall, located on the first and second floor of a 13-floor-high apartment building. High class and foreign flavor food are available to match you appetite.

  Almost to the far east end of the campus stands a very small but cozy restaurant -- the Hui Ethnic Restaurant which serve food specially made for Muslims. If you are not a Muslim but are curious to know what those special food taste like? Just go and find the answer.

  Generally, when you feel hungry, just go to the east part of the campus. You will find your favorite!

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