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General Management Office

1. Management of Graduate School

2. Network and Information Management of Graduate School

3. For English transcripts and certificates


Add: Room 321, Administration Building No.1

Tel: 82801338


Admission and Career Development Office

1. Enrollment planning, managing postgraduates and MPH admission affairs.

2. Postgraduates’archives and school rolls management

3. Develop postgraduate employment programs, career services and helping-out

4. Consulting on postgraduate enrollment and career development.


Admission Office

Add: Room 329 & 330, Administration Building No.1

Tel: 82802238


Career Development and Registrar Office

Add: Room 328, Administration Building No.1

Tel: 82801337


Education Office

1. Administration of postgraduate education (Master and Doctorate Degree Program)

2. Administration of postgraduate curriculum development  and teaching affairs

3. Administration of postgraduate international exchange program and joint-PhD program

4. Assessment of postgraduate teaching and education quality

5. Construction and allocation of postgraduate education resources

6. General affairs of PUHSC Professional Degree Committee

Add: Room 323 & 324, Administration Building No.1

Tel: 82801157


Academic Degrees Office

1. Degree Awarding and Dissertation Defense for all kinds of graduates of Peking University Health Science Center

2. Building of the Degree Authorization and Cultivation

3. The Construction of the Supervisor Team

4. The Degree Evaluation and Supervision

5. National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Evalution

6. Degree Identification of China and Foreign Countries

7. Dissertation and Doctoral Supervisor evalution for other Colleges and Universities.


Add: Room 325 & 326, Administration Building No.1

Tel: 82802423


Graduate Students Affairs Office

Graduate Affairs Department of PUHSC (Peking University Health Science Center) Committee of the CPC (Communist Party of China) combines office with the HSC Division of Peking University Graduate School. Under the immediate leadership of the PUHSC CPC Committee, the Department is chiefly responsible for graduate students’ ideological and political education, psychological health education, construction of CPC and CYLC (Communist Youth League of China) branches, class construction, team construction for moral education, work of education through practice, as well as routine affairs of graduate students including rewards and punishments, scholarships and grants, financial aids, insurances, and student loans. Coordinating with the Graduate School and other departments of PUHSC, the Graduate Affairs Department fully implements the comprehensive quality education and cultivation of the graduate students.


Add: Room 320, Administration Building No.1

Tel: 82801552


Secretariat Medical Branch of Chinese Society of Academic Degrees and Graduate Education,

National Medical Professional Degrees Education Guidence Committee

1. To assures quality in postgraduate medical education and training to achieve excellence in practice, research and service, through collaboration with government and medical colleges.

2. To encourage consultation, research, publications, and other means improvements in the quality of  postgraduate medical education .

3. To promote quality in postgraduate medical education through a continuing process of the evaluation and supervision.


Add: Room 319, Administration Building No.1

Tel: 82801756





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