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Pharmaceutics (6 years)

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  A 6-year program for straight bachelor’s and master’s degrees has been adopted for this specialty, with the purpose of training advanced pharmacists to do research and develop new medicine.

  Students are required:

  · To master fundamental knowledge and skills of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Modern Biology and related basic medicine sciences;

  · To understand synthetic drugs and crude drugs in regard to their character, chemical structure, and their pharmaceutical effects on human physiology and pathology;

  · Master pharmaceutical preparations, quality control and its clinical application;

  · Command extensive knowledge on humanities & social sciences and natural sciences;

  · Command skills in utilizing information technology and foreign languages.

  Students who complete the required courses and pass all the examinations will be awarded with Diploma of Master; those who meet the degree awarding requirements will be conferred with Master’s Degree.

  Graduates are engaged in research, teaching, and management related to pharmacy.

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