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Clinical/ Stomatology Master Degree
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  We require candidates for Clinical/ Stomatology Master Degree to have strong ability of clinical analysis and thinking. They should be able to diagnose and treat all the common diseases and have the ability to guide junior doctors. The candidates should have the same working experience as a senior resident doctor. The candidates also have to firmly master the basic theory of his or her research field and systematic specialty knowledge. They must also have the ability to do clinic medical research, select topics which are closely related to the clinical practice, conduct research, and finally finish a paper and pass the thesis oral defense. The candidates should also master a foreign language and be able to use it to read reference in his/her research fields.

  The study for a master degree program usually takes three years, and its main content is clinical practices. If you can not finish the schedule on time for any reason, one can apply for a graduate extension, which usually takes one year.

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